About Us

About ITKreativa

The basic activity of ITKreativa LTD Skopje is software applications development, while providing complete cycle with high quality services to the customers worldwide. ITKreativa Ltd is a developing company which offers customized and integrated complex solutions, well-balanced combination of technology skills, domain knowledge, hands-on experience, effective methodology and commitment to IT.

ITKreativa Objective
  • To provide products and services that will open up new opportunities for our customers and allow them to operate with reduced costs, effectively and creatively.
  • To achieve and maintain the level of quality which enhances the company’s reputation.
  • To maximize customers satisfaction regarding the products and services that we provide.
Quality Policy

ITKreativa Ltd develops sustainable, profitable growth, through quality policy, providing services which satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers on a consistent base. This level of quality is achieved through the adoption of a management system which defines the companys relationship to existing customers, potential clients and independent auditors.